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Creating the next generation graphic novel


For over a century, graphic novels have made a massive impact in our pop culture and an indelible contribution as an artform, setting free the imaginations of the young and the young at heart.


Video games introduced interactivity as a form of enetertainment. It was a breakthrough for technology and our collective psyche - for the first time anyone could feel like a superhero in a 3D environment.

The Future

Now, with the power of WebGL we can combine the tradition of graphic novels and the interactivity of a 3D world in a single web service... distributed and always available, reaching a broad audience while preserving the intimacy of real-time communication.


Simple Editor

An admin area that allows you to easily create and edit your comics online, using a combination of visual UI and markup. We're developing a customizable environment with intuitive design, tailored for ease of use.


Sell access to your comics to your audience directly and enjoy the rewards of your creativity. Our base fee is only 7% so you can feel confident that you'll be receiving the lion's share of your royalties, with no middlemen involved.

Retain Ownership

We have the outmost respect to graphic novelists and their work. All custom content remains the copyright of their respective owners. You can even host your own artwork privately with no need to upload your content to our servers to use the service.

Built with open technologies

ComicsGL is built on top of WebGL, but there are a number of open source projects that collectively make the process of creating and editing your art simple and intuitive. Most of this code is open sourced through, allowing you to study, improve or even contribute to the components and potentially improve the platform for everyone.

A simple example...

We've created a sample story as an early preview, showcasing a variety of different elements the service will be supporting. In addition we're experimenting with a number of other features that will be included progressively.